Starting from SVN revision 650, the MCU has all the required functionalities to support WebRTC:

  • SRTP
  • ICE Llite and STUN support
  • AVPF, with RTCP muxing and feedback
  • VP8

This means that you can now you can add web participants using WebRTC and sip over websockets to the same conference in which you already have your SIP participants in. Each participant has it's own decoder, so they can join with different video codecs (VP8/H264/H263) and they will still be able to see each other.

In order to be able to deploy it you will need a SIP server supporting SIP over websockets and integrate the MCU with it.

The best alternative is to deploy the mcuWeb into a Mobicents SIP Server 2.0, which nativelly supports SIP over websockets. To check how to do it, check to the installation instructions.

Also, it could be possible to integrate the MCU via plain SIP to a SIP Server/Proxy supporting SIP over websockets, like:

In the client side you can use sipml to connect from WebRTC enabled browser.